Online Search Evaluator jobs and other jobs applied for

I have heard about this thing called a Search Engine Evaluator. So I checked some websites to see which ones are legitimate and applied to see if I could land one. Before I quit my job I did make it to the second step for Lionbridge but my kid got sick and I had to get a tooth pulled so I could not complete the qualification process. I applied again on July 12th but have yet to hear back. I also applied to Leapforce and don’t think I made it through to the second step. They seemed to want someone to have more of a “web presence” like a LinkedIn account, Twitter, Google+, etc. I do not have these accounts but I am web savvy. I also applied for Appen Butler Hill on July 9th and have yet to hear back.

The more promising of the online search evaluator positions that is advertising that they need people is iSoftStone. I applied for 3 positions there just today- Online Ad Evaluator, Search Engine Analyst, and Online Search Evaluator. I am hoping I will get at Least one of these positions.

I have a position at a Virtual Assistant company but they assign tasks and it seems very hit and miss with what I would be able to do. I am not that excited about it.

I did apply to Working Solutions to be a Customer Service person on the phone. I didn’t want to do this sort of position but I need to pay the bills. I also found a Customer Service/ Sales position available at World Travel Holdings that I applied for today that does provide benefits and paid time off. I do like to work with travel so this could be a good fit.

I am applying directly to Virtual Assistant positions found on for a company in New York. I’m hoping I get someone to get me a job to pay the bills.

Progress on the task-based idea positions: waiting and looking for other things

Progress on Amazon: working on Jessica Larew course

Progress on getting bills paid: waiting and still applying for positions

Overall feeling on quitting my job: hopeful but anxious


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New try at work from home income- a lot has happened

I am now divorced and have quit my job. I am going to try some long-term programs that I am familiar with and then need to get some short-term gigs to pay the bills until my business takes off.

My plan- right now- is to get some task-based work so that I don’t have to do the hourly thing and work much more hours. I have heard that on Intelicheck you make phone calls on a quality assurance-type basis and can make up to $100 per day. I am trying to make $3,000 per month to pay bills and begin to pay off debt. This would get me pretty close- you can’t call on Sundays. I applied on July 21st and have not heard anything thus far. I was thinking that if I applied to some website testing websites that pay approx. $10 per test that if I received at least 5 per week per website that I could also make it close to my goal. So far it has not worked out that way.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would be this difficult. Here are some of my results thus far:

Website testing: pays $10/test and you get paid twice per week; as of today I have not received a test from them.

Youeye- pays $12/test and I am still waiting to hear if I have been accepted. I took the test on the 24th and they said it could take up to 6 weeks to hear back.

WhatUsersDo- pays $12.50/ test pays on the 25th; applied on the 24th and it takes 1-2 weeks for them to review the application

Uxline- only available to people that speak/ write fluent Spanish- complete no-go

Usertesting- pays $10-$15; applied on the 24th; sent me tests but none that I qualified for; live in the wrong state

Userlytics- no tests available and haven’t seen any emails

Userfeels- not accepting testers at this time

Startuplift- pays $5/ test pays every week; no tests sent yet

Analysia- $10/test and haven’t received any emails

Enroll- doesn’t pay a lot- no emails received yet

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Progress- not so much… getting there

I am doing good on my manifesto so far. I have been applying to jobs and have even got a call back for one- but it pays too little. I would basically have about $200 left each month after paying for childcare. I am qualified to earn more and it has weekends and holidays mandatory and I do not have a child care provider set up for the weekends- the husband has days off during the week. I did quit my AT&T Chat Sales job because it was getting ridiculous in the communications dept. I couldn’t keep up with the 20 hours either with the husband not trying to get up in the morning and the baby not trying to sleep through the night or past 7 AM for that matter. I hope I will find something that pays decently soon and that I can use my intelligence for- working at a gas station pays the bills but I would get bored quick. I am holding out for what I would like to do- and making arrangements to work at home until then.

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Manifesto Progress

Today I have applied for 5 jobs with Bank of America. I do not like them because of personal experience but maybe if I work for them I can eventually implement change. I did a workout and counted calories- pizza is my weakness and that did not help with the goal of losing weight. I will need to incorporate more vegetables and less carbs and fats. I did do my CF and started a blog about it- hopefully it will be a success story. I did work with the baby today but the husband got to have his turn with her since he has the day off. I played with the dog and did laundry. The next manifesto will have daily cleaning goals to keep up with the household duties, etc. So far- not bad.

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Job Search Continued

So I have found out that I was up for 2 positions at the law firm- both that pay a third less than what I was paid in the military. One of the positions I did not get and the other- they have not gotten back to me about- I am doubtful.

I talked to my unemployment case manager and applied for some positions but I have conditions that need to be met- day shift, not past 6 because the baby will be in day care, and hopefully enough money for us to get back on our feet. I would like to at least make as much as I was in the military and I have been told that with my experience that is not a pipe dream.

I feel very discouraged about the whole process. I think that I am not putting in my all and may be missing out and yet it is hard to summon the effort. I need to come up with the willpower to Just Do It!

I should come up with a manifesto about my goals-


1. To tailor my resume and cover letter to each job and use some of the language from the qualifications to enhance the resume.

I will apply to at least 5 jobs a day with this tailoring for the next 2 months. That is Mon- Fri for the 5 apps.

2. I will work out every day- not just take a walk with the dog and baby. I will get my fat caboose into some sweats and do some strength training at least 4 times a week- and then do some more cardio. The goal is to get into the 150’s with the weight- I am currently at 164 the last time I checked.

3. I will start DOING the CF program to see if it actually works. I will educate myself on what to do and record my results on at least a weekly basis to see if it is working for me. Actually putting effort into it and learning.

4. I will talk to the Unemployment VA rep to see if he has any leads or federal jobs that I can get into.

5. I will keep educating myself on personal finance and take notes to make sure I am doing it right- one page of notes per week that is relevant.

6. I will work with the baby on her development and be on the floor with her rolling around at least an hour every day.

7. I will organize our storage space and our bedroom and go through our clothes by the end of July.

8. I will call the NG guy about education and seeing if I can take some classes and get paid to live also if it is not working out for me.

9. I will continue educating myself about cuisine and the preparation thereof. I will make one new dish per week and not break the bank with groceries.

10. I will not overdraw the account for the next 2 months.

11. I will send in the mortgage paperwork to refinance our loan.

12. I will do better at budgeting and the finances.

13. I will be more optimistic and not freak out on the husband because I am unemployed and at home with a baby as my only social life.

14. I will reassess all goals in a month and possibly add others.

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Job Search Update

So- as far as my progress goes- it’s still up in the air. I am still dealing with the VA to get disability benefits and have not heard from them since I told them to change my address to NC. They have sent letters saying “no further action is needed.” I say Bull****!!! Maybe around Christmas I will see some of that money if they decide I am disabled.

I have several positions I have applied for that are still going through their process. I have applied for positions at Ally, LN, Allstate, etc. I do have an interview tomorrow for a paralegal position that would be great. I have done some research on them and they seem reputable. Hopefully it will give me a direction to go so I can stop the search and start having a direction. It feels different that I have options. I can say no and then do my work at home stuff and put my precious baby in day care for a little while during the day and trade off with the husband to get more hours. I will miss my baby girl but I need something to use my brain with. Hopefully if I work on the CF stuff we can get ahead financially in a few more months. I am not as confident that I will have secured a position by the end of the month but being on unemployment helps with the bills.

The husband wants to visit the beach next month and it would be nice to recharge and show the baby the ocean. The in-laws are anxious to see her and the MIL calls almost every day to check on her status. So we may have to plan a trip to see them next month also.

I missed my baby cousin’s wedding and I am sad about it but at the same time I would still feel disappointment going there I think. And we can’t afford the plane tickets or to be away from work for the drive. Basically most of my family won’t see my baby girl until she is almost 1 on Thanksgiving. They didn’t make the effort to see us for the 4 years that we were less than 10 hours away from us so I am not really feeling guilty. It’s sad for them that they are missing out on the baby’s milestones. She is getting so big and doing so many things. I am completely in love with her. She is a good baby.

I think sometimes that I need to kiss my husband, baby, and dog more so they know that even when I am preoccupied and restless with life that I still love them to death and that they are my rocks. I have so much hope for my daughter and I don’t want to mess up because of her. She makes me want to be a better person- more successful so she is provided for, more loving so she knows that I am here for her, and someone that will truly be there for her no matter what and I am trying to learn to be a person that she looks up to and that she can rely on and I want to be something more for her.

And my dog makes me want to cry sometimes. He follows me around without question, is the most loyal being I have ever met, is a true friend when I need a hug or support, and was super protective when I was pregnant, vulnerable, and sick. I always wanted a best friend that was mine- and no one else’s. I didn’t think it would have been a dog- but he is beyond words a best friend and teaches me about friendship every day. When I count my blessings and thank God- he is blessed and thanked for along with my family.

I love my husband to death and he feels like an actual part of me. I fight with him, get frustrated, and even contemplate breaking it off but it would be like cutting out my heart. He drives me crazy sometimes though. I wouldn’t care as much if I didn’t love him like no other. With anyone else I would be indifferent or not care as much- with him it gets to me and affects me even on a physical level. It physically affects me when we have to be separated from each other for more than a day. I didn’t think I would love someone this much and still be intrigued by his different facets even after 5 years of marriage. He amazes me sometimes with how much he loves me and how great he is with our daughter. I knew he would be good with babies because he is very loving and he is as in love with our daughter as I am, but he can still surprise me by what he says about her and how he is with her.

I gues the thing that I am not really satisfied with is my family- mom, brothers, cousins, etc.

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Online Assessments for jobs- really?

I am looking for a job. It is excruciatingly frustrating!! Now I have found something I might like- a Property Claim rep for an Insurance company which I would totally be qualified for and I was in the running (supposedly) toward being a final candidate. But then I had to complete an “online assessment” and all of a sudden I don’t score high enough for them. What!!!!!????? So I would be totally qualified but since I don’t pass their “test” I am all of a sudden not qualified? And it was a bunch of questions about what you would do in dealing with customers and coworkers. Isn’t that what training is for? And aren’t some companies different in their problem management practices? Some companies want their reps to handle it themselves and other ones would like you to tattle to management. So I’m supposed to be clairvoyant? Since I have a family to take care of I yelled about it but then I thought that since they are listed as the Top 100 companies for Working Mothers I should give them a second chance and exploit their practices. I just applied for 3 more positions to experiment which answers will get me in the final running. Then maybe they will consider that you might want to meet the people you are considering instead of relying on an “assessment” to pick them for you.

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