Job Search Continued

So I have found out that I was up for 2 positions at the law firm- both that pay a third less than what I was paid in the military. One of the positions I did not get and the other- they have not gotten back to me about- I am doubtful.

I talked to my unemployment case manager and applied for some positions but I have conditions that need to be met- day shift, not past 6 because the baby will be in day care, and hopefully enough money for us to get back on our feet. I would like to at least make as much as I was in the military and I have been told that with my experience that is not a pipe dream.

I feel very discouraged about the whole process. I think that I am not putting in my all and may be missing out and yet it is hard to summon the effort. I need to come up with the willpower to Just Do It!

I should come up with a manifesto about my goals-


1. To tailor my resume and cover letter to each job and use some of the language from the qualifications to enhance the resume.

I will apply to at least 5 jobs a day with this tailoring for the next 2 months. That is Mon- Fri for the 5 apps.

2. I will work out every day- not just take a walk with the dog and baby. I will get my fat caboose into some sweats and do some strength training at least 4 times a week- and then do some more cardio. The goal is to get into the 150’s with the weight- I am currently at 164 the last time I checked.

3. I will start DOING the CF program to see if it actually works. I will educate myself on what to do and record my results on at least a weekly basis to see if it is working for me. Actually putting effort into it and learning.

4. I will talk to the Unemployment VA rep to see if he has any leads or federal jobs that I can get into.

5. I will keep educating myself on personal finance and take notes to make sure I am doing it right- one page of notes per week that is relevant.

6. I will work with the baby on her development and be on the floor with her rolling around at least an hour every day.

7. I will organize our storage space and our bedroom and go through our clothes by the end of July.

8. I will call the NG guy about education and seeing if I can take some classes and get paid to live also if it is not working out for me.

9. I will continue educating myself about cuisine and the preparation thereof. I will make one new dish per week and not break the bank with groceries.

10. I will not overdraw the account for the next 2 months.

11. I will send in the mortgage paperwork to refinance our loan.

12. I will do better at budgeting and the finances.

13. I will be more optimistic and not freak out on the husband because I am unemployed and at home with a baby as my only social life.

14. I will reassess all goals in a month and possibly add others.


About spunkyinred

29 year old Mom with infant looking for a job in the South where the Civil War victory by the North is still being resented. Former SF support soldier looking to find common ground and to further career in something I can be proud of myself for.
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