Manifesto Progress

Today I have applied for 5 jobs with Bank of America. I do not like them because of personal experience but maybe if I work for them I can eventually implement change. I did a workout and counted calories- pizza is my weakness and that did not help with the goal of losing weight. I will need to incorporate more vegetables and less carbs and fats. I did do my CF and started a blog about it- hopefully it will be a success story. I did work with the baby today but the husband got to have his turn with her since he has the day off. I played with the dog and did laundry. The next manifesto will have daily cleaning goals to keep up with the household duties, etc. So far- not bad.


About spunkyinred

29 year old Mom with infant looking for a job in the South where the Civil War victory by the North is still being resented. Former SF support soldier looking to find common ground and to further career in something I can be proud of myself for.
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