Progress- not so much… getting there

I am doing good on my manifesto so far. I have been applying to jobs and have even got a call back for one- but it pays too little. I would basically have about $200 left each month after paying for childcare. I am qualified to earn more and it has weekends and holidays mandatory and I do not have a child care provider set up for the weekends- the husband has days off during the week. I did quit my AT&T Chat Sales job because it was getting ridiculous in the communications dept. I couldn’t keep up with the 20 hours either with the husband not trying to get up in the morning and the baby not trying to sleep through the night or past 7 AM for that matter. I hope I will find something that pays decently soon and that I can use my intelligence for- working at a gas station pays the bills but I would get bored quick. I am holding out for what I would like to do- and making arrangements to work at home until then.


About spunkyinred

29 year old Mom with infant looking for a job in the South where the Civil War victory by the North is still being resented. Former SF support soldier looking to find common ground and to further career in something I can be proud of myself for.
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