New try at work from home income- a lot has happened

I am now divorced and have quit my job. I am going to try some long-term programs that I am familiar with and then need to get some short-term gigs to pay the bills until my business takes off.

My plan- right now- is to get some task-based work so that I don’t have to do the hourly thing and work much more hours. I have heard that on Intelicheck you make phone calls on a quality assurance-type basis and can make up to $100 per day. I am trying to make $3,000 per month to pay bills and begin to pay off debt. This would get me pretty close- you can’t call on Sundays. I applied on July 21st and have not heard anything thus far. I was thinking that if I applied to some website testing websites that pay approx. $10 per test that if I received at least 5 per week per website that I could also make it close to my goal. So far it has not worked out that way.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would be this difficult. Here are some of my results thus far:

Website testing: pays $10/test and you get paid twice per week; as of today I have not received a test from them.

Youeye- pays $12/test and I am still waiting to hear if I have been accepted. I took the test on the 24th and they said it could take up to 6 weeks to hear back.

WhatUsersDo- pays $12.50/ test pays on the 25th; applied on the 24th and it takes 1-2 weeks for them to review the application

Uxline- only available to people that speak/ write fluent Spanish- complete no-go

Usertesting- pays $10-$15; applied on the 24th; sent me tests but none that I qualified for; live in the wrong state

Userlytics- no tests available and haven’t seen any emails

Userfeels- not accepting testers at this time

Startuplift- pays $5/ test pays every week; no tests sent yet

Analysia- $10/test and haven’t received any emails

Enroll- doesn’t pay a lot- no emails received yet


About spunkyinred

29 year old Mom with infant looking for a job in the South where the Civil War victory by the North is still being resented. Former SF support soldier looking to find common ground and to further career in something I can be proud of myself for.
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