Online Search Evaluator jobs and other jobs applied for

I have heard about this thing called a Search Engine Evaluator. So I checked some websites to see which ones are legitimate and applied to see if I could land one. Before I quit my job I did make it to the second step for Lionbridge but my kid got sick and I had to get a tooth pulled so I could not complete the qualification process. I applied again on July 12th but have yet to hear back. I also applied to Leapforce and don’t think I made it through to the second step. They seemed to want someone to have more of a “web presence” like a LinkedIn account, Twitter, Google+, etc. I do not have these accounts but I am web savvy. I also applied for Appen Butler Hill on July 9th and have yet to hear back.

The more promising of the online search evaluator positions that is advertising that they need people is iSoftStone. I applied for 3 positions there just today- Online Ad Evaluator, Search Engine Analyst, and Online Search Evaluator. I am hoping I will get at Least one of these positions.

I have a position at a Virtual Assistant company but they assign tasks and it seems very hit and miss with what I would be able to do. I am not that excited about it.

I did apply to Working Solutions to be a Customer Service person on the phone. I didn’t want to do this sort of position but I need to pay the bills. I also found a Customer Service/ Sales position available at World Travel Holdings that I applied for today that does provide benefits and paid time off. I do like to work with travel so this could be a good fit.

I am applying directly to Virtual Assistant positions found on for a company in New York. I’m hoping I get someone to get me a job to pay the bills.

Progress on the task-based idea positions: waiting and looking for other things

Progress on Amazon: working on Jessica Larew course

Progress on getting bills paid: waiting and still applying for positions

Overall feeling on quitting my job: hopeful but anxious



About spunkyinred

29 year old Mom with infant looking for a job in the South where the Civil War victory by the North is still being resented. Former SF support soldier looking to find common ground and to further career in something I can be proud of myself for.
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